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  • License granted to one individual only — the owner of the email which was stated in the order form.





  • License granted to organization and allows the use for unlimited number of employees in one country. Best for QlikView partners and small/medium businesses.





  • License granted to organization and allows the use for unlimited number of employees worldwide. Best for international corporations.

How to Purchase a License

Make an order using the order form here.

You will receive an invoice from “Panalytics, Inc” sent to the stated email in 48 hours or less (sorry, the process is not automated).

Pay the invoice online using a credit card or PayPal account.

Your license key will be emailed to you in 48 hours or less after you pay the invoice.

How to Use Your License Key

License key will be sent to the email address stated in the order form in no longer than 48 hours (typically much sooner).

Place the license key in the same folder as qviewer.exe

Licensing Terms

Every license is perpetual. The price for license includes 12 months of free updates. Further updates cost 50% of the regular price.

Licensee may not give the license key for use to any other person or organization. If any other person or organization needs the full version of QViewer – a new license key must be purchased.

Licensee may have unlimited number of installations.

The author’s liability is limited by the amount of money paid for license by the Licensee.

Other terms are in the End User License Agreement.

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