Document Analyzer is a great feedback loop to your app design, from modeling to chart to expression choices.
Greg Oliven
Cleanup Unused Resources
Loaded with tools to identify app bloat

Qlik Sense apps can be weighed down by unused fields, tables, and variables. These resources pile up during the development process, becoming a hidden burden.

Document Analyzer identifies your app’s unused resources and their impact, helping you save storage space and decrease RAM usage.

Implement Best Practices
Decades of Qlik expertise, surfaced instantly

The list of best practices for Qlik development can be daunting. Scale that across a team of developers and hundreds of apps, and you quickly have an administrative mess.

Document Analyzer does best practice checks for you, revealing the loose threads in your apps so that you can always deploy apps to your highest standards.

Find Performance Optimizations
Identify and resolve bottlenecks, sight unseen

It only takes one poorly designed object to bring a server to its knees. Calculated dimensions, nested aggrs, and other sluggish operations pile up quickly as your Qlik Sense apps grow.

Document Analyzer tests all object calculation times for you, ensuring you catch any performance problems before ever hitting production.

I always tell customers and partners about it. It's an unbeatable tool when it comes to debugging performance and issues.
Clever Anjos

QSDA Pro: optimized for modern Qlik development

QSDA Pro is the next generation of the Document Analyzer created by Rob Wunderlich and downloaded hundreds of times a week by Qlik developers around the world. Based on feedback from hundreds of users, Document Analyzer has been completely revamped for the next generation of Qlik deployments.
  • User sheets analysis
  • Extension reporting
  • Analysis history
  • On-prem and SaaS deployments
Brought to you by
Rob Wunderlich
  • QV Cookbook
  • Masters Summit
  • Qlik Luminary x6
If you don't have Document Analyzer, you are doing something wrong!
Andrius Sarkunelis

Start deploying fast, scalable, and maintainable Qlik apps

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this related to the existing Document Analyzer? QSDA Pro is the next evolution of the Document Analyzer. The previous Document Analyzer will no longer be supported or maintained.
Is it free? QSDA will continue to offer a free tier for basic usage. The Pro tier will be paid and offer new tools for managing modern Qlik deployments.
Does it work with Qlik Sense X/Y/Z? QSDA Pro is designed to work across Qlik Sense deployments, including Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and Qlik Sense Cloud.