Fast QVD viewer


The application is offered "as is", without warranties and liabilities. You may not resell it, disassemble or offer it under a different branding.

The free version is limited to 100'000 rows in File View. If a QVD file has more rows then only the first 100'000 will be loaded. Filtering and counts will be limited to only the loaded rows.

In Folder View, the free version is limited to 50 QVDs per folder.

To get the full version purchase a license.

Update from ver.3 and ver.2

Keys issued after March 1st, 2019 are eligible for a free update to version 4. Keys issued before March 1st, 2019 are updated at 50% of the regular price. To confirm your license key date, see Help->About in Qviewer v3.3.5 or greater.

Known issues and limitations

  • On some versions of Windows the installer doesn't associate QViewer with .qvd file extension automatically. Make such association manually, if needed.

Virus or malware alerts

QViewer is routinely checked for malware. The installer is signed with a code signing certificate issued to Panalytics Inc.

Change log

Version Remarks
4.2.0 Faster startup, especially when recent files are on disconnected drives.
4.1.2 New Icon scheme.
Export table metadata to Excel.
Warning message if license invalid (before 2019-03-01) for version 4.
3.3.5 Display License Date in About box.
4.1.1 Preserve Column and Row filters across file re-open
4.1.0 General release of QViewer V4
3.3.4 Config file may be located in the execution directory. This change makes for easier deployment in enterprise environments.
3.3.3 Qviewer will now display Table Comment (if any) in the File Metadata display.
Bugfix: Corrected XML Type values in Table Metadata display.
3.3.2 Bugfix: Windows 10 version 1709 (build16299.19) a.k.a. Fall Creator's Update made the 64-bit QViewer freeze when showing filtering progress popup.
3.3.1 Recompiled for .NET 4.5.2 as previous versions are no longer supported by Microsoft.
3.3 QViewer now can load files larger than 2GB (technically up to 2bln rows).
Redesigned Partial Load workflow: removed the Partial Load button, added suggestion to perform partial load for files larger than defined threshold (512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB).
When a file is loaded partially, now QViewer indicates which metrics in Table Metadata can be affected by partial load — they are shown red.
The "Generate script" feature now can include field comments from QVD XML header into the generated script.
3.3 Bugfix: the Field Values dialog didn't close on pressing Esc.
Bugfix: Square brackets missing in some cases when generating LOAD statement.
Bugfix: Dual values with zero-length text part crashed application.
3.1.1 Bugfix: Crash when attempting to open a file with more than 113 mln. rows.
3.1 New quick filter: Ctrl + double-click to remove values from table. Memstat metrics in Table Metadata — Column size (bytes), Avg.bytes per Symbol. All columns sortable in Table Metadata. Read more about the memstat metrics.
3.0 Qlik-style associative filtering. Full table search. Phonetic search (English only). Cell metadata. Search/select fields by name. Faster indexing and counting. New start screen. New license key format. Read release notes.